Seven Beautiful Doodles2love!

Beau has found his family to love in Crawfordsville, IN!

Max is so happy to be traveling to his home in Richmond, VA!

Revo is so happy! He has found someone to love in Altoona, PA. He can’t wait to play with Ozzie, the Rag Doll cat who thinks he’s a dog!

Mercedes will be traveling by plane with her new mother to Austin, TX; to join her special family there!

Shhhh!! Zada is keeping a secret. She can hardly wait to surprise the children in her forever family in Avon, IN!

Ruby, and her sister Shelby, can hardly wait to meet their new friend Angel, who they will be playing with at their Richmond, VA home!

Shelby and her sister, Ruby, are so excited to be going home with their family to Richmond, VA!