Our Parents

Meet the parents of our Goldendoodle puppies. Not only are they beautiful in conformation, but they have fabulous temperaments as well. Our parent dogs have been health tested and are vet approved for breeding. Each one is a well loved family member. Basically, every one of our dogs would consider themselves lap dogs, no matter how big they are.

No kennel dogs here!


AKC Miniature Poodle

Chaz is da man, and the perfect mini poodle companion. He loves to be cradled like a baby, gazing into your eyes like you hung the moon…such a little sweetheart! He has long legs, and his striking black points and soft fleece coat make him a very HANDSOME daddy to his MINI and PETITE puppies. 13 lbs.

Zella Rose

 Zella Rose
F1 English Cream Standard Goldendoodle

Sweet Zella Rose is one of Sky’s beautiful girls. She has an ADORABLE personality, and her cute ways will make you laugh. Her thick, fluffy, cream coat is gorgeous! She bounces wherever she goes and is full of life and LOVE. Zella lives with a family member, and shares a very spoiled life with her two best feline friends…Jack & Fleur. 65 lbs Her F1b English TeddyBear MINIS  are EXCEPTIONAL!

my Gracie

Gracie Mae
F1 Standard Goldendoodle

Easy going and always happy is the perfect description of our Gracie Mae. She was born here in our home to Shae (now retired) and has her mother’s quiet, ultra loving temperament. She sits by me squinting her eyes until I ask “do you want me to hold you?” Then ever so gently, she slowly climbs up on my lap for snuggles ~ all 50 fluffy pounds of her…such a LOVE BUG! We look forward to her next litter of  F1b MINI Goldendoodles.


F1 English Cream Mini Goldendoodle

Candy is one of our very own F1 English Cream Mini Goldendoodles from beautiful momma Vali. This lovable girl loves to cuddle and tuck her head under your chin.  SMILING is definitely her claim to fame. Besides her adorable personality, this sweet girl has an exceptionally thick fur coat in gorgeous shades of cream/honey. 35 lbs. We are very excited to meet Candy’s F1b English PETITE Goldendoodles this Summer 2019!


AKC English Cream Retriever

Sky has that dreamy kind of temperament that is so typical of English Retrievers. She greets us in the morning with a “roo roo roo!” Such a personable girl, and ultra sweet. Her blocky head and black points passed on to her TEDDYBEAR pups make them quite the crowd stoppers. 55 lbs.

our Willow

AKC English Cream Retriever

Willow is such a happy girl! Her jet black eyes are very expressive…catching everyone’s attention. Not only is Willow an English beauty, but she is a very loving companion and our constant JOY.  We look forward to her TeddyBear Minis! 48 lbs.


AKC Golden Retriever

Shae is RETIRED now, but her daughters, Breeze, Piper, and Gracie Mae are carrying on her wonderful heritage with their PETITE & MINI goldendoodles. She is known for her soft, quiet ways, and would love to slowly climb up on your lap one foot at a time if you would let her. She weighs 55 lbs and has a silky, dark red coat.


F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Breeze is the daughter of Shae and Tovi. She has an adoring personality and is forever offering us her paw. Her fluffy, thick, fur coat in shades of red/apricot make her look like a cuddly Teddy Bear. Breeze gives us BEAUTIFUL  F1b PETITE goldendoodles.  33 lbs.