F1 English Cream Miniature Goldendoodles

F1 English Mini Goldendoodles 

GUARDIAN HOME opportunities available for those who live in Southwest Florida. If you are interested please submit your Puppy Application, and we will give you more details. This is an amazing opportunity, and we would love to tell you more about it! 

The perfect, fluffy, family companion.

25 – 40 lbs. Low to non shedding.

Pictured below are F1 English TeddyBear Minis from previous litters. There are lots & lots of pictures here, so relax & enjoy!

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Meet the Parents


AKC English Cream Retriever 

Willow is a quiet, gentle girl. Her cream coat and jet black eyes are very striking. Not only is Willow an English beauty, but she is a very loving companion. Willow is a wonderful doodle momma, and has given us gorgeous English Mini TeddyBears with the sweetest temperaments. 48 lbs.


AKC Miniature Poodle | 13 lbs. | Male

Chaz is the perfect mini poodle companion. He loves to be cradled like a baby, gazing into your eyes like you hung the moon…such a little sweetheart! His striking black points and soft fleece coat make him a very HANDSOME daddy to his English Cream Mini puppies. 13 lbs.

F1 English Minis from previous litters ~ FLUFFY TEDDYBEARS! Please wait for pictures to load.

First outdoor adventure! They looked so tiny in the big, green world around them.

Playing with toys now, and barking at each other... SO CUTE!

Eyes are open, and they're up on their wobbly feet. LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Love these precious girls!

Look at these roly-poly babies! Their eyes are just beginning to see the beautiful world around them. SWEETNESS at two weeks.

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL ~ two weeks

One week young...so tiny, but growing fast!

One week young....the boys.

PRECIOUS newborn doodle babies!

Pictures below are from Sky's previous litter. Sky's English TeddyBears are loving life with their new families!


Ohhh baby, look at all these darling faces. Sky's BEAUTIFUL BABIES just keep getting more beautiful. 6 weeks old. The families who have reserved pups from Sky's litter, will get to choose their very own puppy this weekend in the order we received their reservation deposits. SO FUN!!

5 weeks old already??? The weeks are flying by. Next week they will meet their new families during Puppy Selection weekend!

We LOVE our Puppy Helpers! Annie, Claire, & Maggie are the sweetest girls, and Sky's babies just melt in their arms.

Afternoons in the sunshiny living room is their favorite time of the day!

Sky's precious pups are halfway HOME! Getting fluffier as the days go by, and so responsive! 4 weeks old

Dream puppies

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing everyone wonderful new beginnings. Sky's little ones are up on their feet, and their eyes are open. LET THE FUN BEGIN! 3 weeks

J O Y to the world, the LORD is come! Sending Christmas love and blessings to all our wonderful family & friends. Sky's little blessings at 2 weeks.

The sweet little family ~ one week young.

We welcomed Sky & Chaz's BEAUTIFUL BABIES into our world....8 girls, and a one and only little brother.

We hope you enjoy the pictures below of Vali's Past litter of English Cream Mini goldendoodles.

Whether in the great outdoors or in the kitchen, Vali's puppies are always looking for FUN.

Vali's beautiful 7 week old minigoldendoodles.

Tis the season for Spring fever, so as soon as the temps reached 70 we headed outdoors. Sure do love this February weather!

the whole gang at 6 weeks!

Just another happy day in the Doodle Nursery

Will you be my Valentine? Forever and always. Vali's Valentines at 5 wks. Scroll over each picture for captions.

~Sweetest Valentine boys at 5 wks.~

It was a busy weekend here on the Plantation. The babies had some very special visitors ~ dear family friends. They LOVED all the attention and cuddles.

Their first Puppy Chow experience was a huge success. They jumped in with both feet. Literally!

Snuggle babies.

At four weeks, these girls are ready to expand their horizons. They love to explore the Living Room, but always end up coming back and crawling up into my lap for reassurance and snuggles.

Cute and cuddly ~ the boys at 4 weeks.

Vali's Minis are interacting more and more with each other in between all the snoozing they do. So cute!