Our Program

Our family is passionately in love with English Goldendoodles!! We are a small, very personable breeder. Having only several litters per year, we can focus our attention on each individual puppy. Our doodle babies are born in our bedroom where we can keep a close eye on them night and day. From the minute they are born, our puppies are lovingly handled by our family giving them the tender care and security they need to become loyal and trusting. ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) is in process between days 3 – 16. Our babies know they’re loved from the very first day they enter this world!

Our goal is to raise your puppy in the cleanest, healthiest, most family oriented environment…the HOME. From dishwasher and vacuum sounds to exposure to many other sights, feels, and sounds they will experience in your home, we carefully select a protocol for training that will prepare your TeddyBear puppy to successfully transition from our home/family to yours.

SOCIALIZATION is key to a confident, happy pup. LOVE comes in abundance at our house! We have a revolving door when we have puppies….friends & family of all ages are constantly coming & going….loving on, and engaging the babies in a very personal way….whether it’s in our living room, kitchen, or in the puppy play yard in the great outdoors.

CRATE CONDITIONING begins at 4 weeks here at Doodles2Love. The babies LOVE snuggling together in their cozy little crate dens, and we find piles of toys in there with them! They learn as a family that crates are a HAPPY PLACE. By the time your puppy goes HOMESWEETHOME with you, they will be eating three meals a day in their individual crates.

POTTY TRAINING HEADSTART begins between 4 – 5 weeks when we attach a separate potty room to their play area. It doesn’t take long for the little ones to transition from pottying anywhere, to running into their potty room to take care of business, and then running back out to play. Weather permitting, they will also have many opportunities to potty outside. All this gives them a great headstart to going potty only in the designated potty spots at your house/yard.

As a premium English Goldendoodle breeder, we put extreme importance on the excellent temperament of our parent dogs as well as their health and intelligence. Each one lives inside as a very loved member of the family, not outside in a kennel or outbuilding. Their pups are raised & loved to be social and family oriented since your puppy will be a special companion to your family for years to come.

Our family at Doodles2Love wants to give your puppy a wonderful start in life; one that will keep our reputation and integrity excellent. We are located in the beautiful, bluegrass countryside near Louisville, Kentucky. And we also have a location in Florida. 

THANK YOU for taking the time to read through this! We LOVE what we do! We welcome emails, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our precious doodle babies. For all the wonderful details about future litters, please visit our Puppies page. We would love to help in your quest for the English Goldendoodle that is the best fit for your family.