New Arrivals to the Doodles2Love Family!!

(Angela/Barbara Budach)
On Saturday afternoon we decided to head to Black River Falls, WI. An hour later, we were on our way! Halfway into our trip we stopped to spend the night and see our good friends, the Budachs. We had salad, pizza, and great fellowship! The next day we packed back up and finished our journey to Black River Falls. We spent the night with the MacIntyre family and then Monday morning we headed to Spooner, WI.

(Mary and Shae/Cheri and Kaiah)
When we arrived, our two puppies were waiting for us-all clean and smelling just marvelous like a brand new puppy should(if ya know what I mean:D)

Angela and Kai(Kaiah’s nickname is Kai)

Cheri and Kai

On the 11 hour drive back home, Shae and Kai were perfect! No accidents or car sickness:) In fact, they slept nearly the whole way!

(Mary, Elle, and Shae)
Back at the Wisley Plantation, the puppies did so well their first night with us. Elle came over to meet the them and was thrilled to have made two new friends:)

She gave kisses,

And received puppy hugs from Kai!

Elle was SO excited to climb in the puppies crate with them!