Millie Mae

… I attached a few pictures so you all can see how much she has changed since we brought her home. She is a big 18.8 pounds and has finally caught up to Otis (our poodle). They are the best of friends and absolutely adore each other. She is definitely keeping him young because they play 80% of the time and the other 20% they are resting so they can play again later.

Millie has been an incredible blessing and is a WONDERFUL dog! She is enrolled in training at the Humane Society right now and has been picking up on everything so quickly. She is the youngest in the class but is just as good (even better) than most of the other dogs. Our only problem is most of the time at training she won’t listen to me or Tyler because she wants to go meet the other dogs and their owners so badly! She is extremely lovable and has yet to meet a stranger. She has developed a hilarious gruff bark that we rarely hear but sounds like an attack dog. She has kept all her great characteristics that she had as a puppy–the perfect balance of sweet and cuddly and playful. We couldn’t ask for a better puppy and we appreciate so much that we got to bring her home with us. Hope you all are doing well……

Natalie and Tyler