Ruby and Shelby’s 1st Birthday Party

Hello again Mary,

Here are some pictures of Ruby and Shelby’s 1st birthday. We all had a great day celebrating their birthday! First we took them to a friendly dog mall where they have a dog bakery. We picked out a doggy birthday cake for them and had it decorated. Here are some of the pictures of the celebration. Also I wanted to let you know that Ruby and Shelby have graduated puppy and intermediate dog classes. They will soon be in advance class where we will be able to take them to hospitals and nursing homes. We are so excited. Right now we have Bert in class to learn general dog manners. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Let us know how your puppies are doing.

Cathy and Maylon

Looks like Ruby and Shelby have more love than they can handle……they are 2 happily spoiled Minis! 🙂