KAI– “You know why my brothers and sisters come to their new owners pre-spoiled?!! Its because we have fun doing whatever we want. Like swinging on their tire swing and jumping on the trampoline. Or playing with the cats (Da Vinci and Derby) and our big brother Teddy Bear!We love life on the plantation!!!!!!”


ARLIS II, a gorgeous cream standard poodle, is the proud father of our current litter.Arlis and Lizzie have had three litters with ten puppies in each litter!Their puppies have grown into fabulous Goldendoodle dogs.For more information about Arlis, contact Diane

CHARLOTTE is looking forward to the long trip home to Virginia to live with her forever family. SHARLIE ROSE has been reserved and can hardly wait to join the Hunter family in Indianapolis! Congratulations Sharlie! SOPHIE has been reserved by Phyllis and her friend Muffin from Louisville, KY! Congratulations Sophie on your new found friends! Shelby has been reserved by Jennifer and Kellen who are coming to pick her up August 23rd and take her home to Indianapolis.Congratulations Shelby!


LEO has been adopted by a loving family from Kentucky. CHARLEY is so excited to be going to live with Emma and Mason and their three cats in Greenwood, Indiana! Congratulations BUSTER! Have a happy life with your new family. RUSTY has been reserved and will be going to live with Reva and Ray in Kentucky!He will also be welcomed by Lily, one of Lizzie’s girls from a previous litter.Congratulations Rusty on your new family!


LILY getting her walk in…even in bad weather! When it was too cold to walk I would tell her to come and walk. First time I had to hold her. after that she would walk up on the track all by herself. This way we both got in our walk. She is the greatest traveler, loves the water. She stands still for me to do whatever I need to do to her, give her a bath, clip toenails, clean ears or whatever.I have had so many compliments of how beautiful she is and how friendly she is. I am certainly enjoying her. ~Kentucky

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