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F1b Petite Goldendoodles

F1b Petite Goldendoodles ~ fluffy, but non-shedding! 18 – 25 lbs.

Most people who are allergic to dog dander do well with this F1b generation.

Pictured below are puppies from Piper’s recent litter, now living with their furever families.

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PiperF1 Mini

F1 Mini Goldendoodle 

Piper is one of our very own F1 Mini Goldendoodles born here at Doodles2Love. This lovable girl will gaze deep into your eyes until you respond to her requests! Fetching sticks is definitely her claim to fame along with climbing up into your lap to snuggle. Besides her adorable personality, this sweet girl has a fluffy coat of gorgeous shades of apricot. Piper has given us very loving, wavy to curly F1b Petite Goldendoodles with rich red and apricot coats!


AKC Mini Poodle

What a CUTIE! This lovable little guy will capture your heart with his adorable, funny personality. He makes GORGEOUS doodle bears…many with striking white markings. He’s a happy little guy who passes down his wonderful temperament to his puppies!

This little family is the SWEETEST! They love to run and chase each other around the furniture, but they also love to climb up by your face for some smothering kisses and snuggles! 5 weeks

Look how FLUFFY these girls are getting! Irresistable at 5 weeks.

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL? Piper's girls at 4 weeks.

Da boyz at 4 weeks ~ so HANDSOME

It's been a BIG week for Piper's cuties....eyes have opened, and they're up on their feet though very wobbly. So SWEET to see them interacting with each other! Here are the boys at 3 weeks. SCROLL slowly over each picture to see their names.

Piper's baby girls at 3 weeks. So snuggly!

Look at these adorable boys...they are already 2 weeks old!

Piper's darling girls are two weeks old, and they're just starting to open their eyes!

Piper's boys at one week. The babies had their first car ride to the vet this week to remove their dewclaws. They did remarkably well!

Piper's girls ~ one week young. Aren't they PRECIOUS?!

They've arrived! It's so nice to have tiny doodle bears in the house again.

~ Pictures below are 2017 F1b Petite goldendoodles from Piper & Miles. We're so thankful for these precious gifts that will bring unending JOY and unconditional LOVE to their new families. The whole bunch at 5 1/2 weeks. Scroll over each picture to view their names.

Piper's girls are 4 1/2 weeks old.

Piper's boys at 4 1/2 weeks

Piper's girls are 3 1/2 weeks old. They are up on their feet, eyes open...let the FUN begin!

Piper's boys at 3 1/2 weeks! They are discovering their voices and can yip at each other now.

Piper's girls are two weeks old. Getting plenty of beauty sleep ~ most of the day and night!

Piper's boys are two weeks! They are starting to move around a bit more, although still the army crawl on their bellies. 🙂

Piper's girls at one week. Sweetness!

Piper's boys ~ one week young!

Piper's precious newborn girls.

Piper's handsome newborn boys!

The following pictures and posts are Piper & Pippin's previous 2016 litter of F1b Petites.

2016 Our first OUTDOOR adventure!

2016 Very hot outside today, but we are nice and cool inside.

2016 Five weeks old....Celebrating their first Independence Day!!

Look at these SWEET little doodle faces!

Piper and Pippin's girls at 4 weeks.

Piper's Petite goldendoodle boys at 4 weeks.

Starting to interact with each other!

Piper's boyz at 2 weeks!

Piper's girls at 2 weeks!

Beautiful babies growing so nicely...

Pretty girls wear pearls (1 wk.)

Piper and Pippin are the proud parents of 9 F1b Petite goldendoodle puppies